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Check Out These Safety Pool Covers for San Jose

There are a lot of safety pool covers for San Jose pools. But make sure to know what you really want in a pool cover as well as get a really good quality one!

If you are looking for the type of pool cover, there are mesh and solid pool covers available.

If you want a mesh safety pool cover, here are some pros and cons to consider:


  • A mesh pool cover usually costs less than solid pool covers.
  • Even when a mesh cover is typically cheaper than solid pool covers, they otherwise last longer than the latter.
  • A mesh cover does not need to be pumped from the top since they let the water pass through into the swimming pool. Therefore, mesh covers do not require the same amount of work.


  • Rain and debris are allowed to pass through the cover and the dirt and soot that come along with them. This will lead into dirty water, and you may need to clean the debris that’s collected at the bottom of the pool.
  • A mesh cover is not an easy cover to use.
  • A mesh safety cover allows evaporation to occur. You will be losing money in water, heat and energy waste.

If you want a solid pool cover, consider the pros and cons:


  • A solid safety pool cover doesn’t allow sunlight to pass through. This is a great advantage of a solid pool cover as it helps to slow down evaporation from the heat of the sun as well as prevent algae from thriving on the pool walls.
  • It keeps rain water, dirt, fallen leaves and other debris out of the pool. Therefore you have a greater chance of having a clean pool as long as the cover is used and the pool is opened correctly.


  • A solid vinyl pool cover can be operated by one person. Of course, automatic safety pool covers in San Jose will make covering and uncovering your pool much easier.
  • Rainwater collects on top of the cover, so it’s necessary to drain the water off it. Automatic pool cover pumps are available and can be left on the cover throughout the winter.

Aside from these factors, you should know what type of pool cover is recommended for the type of pool you have. Is your pool in-ground or above-ground? Does it have a standard angular or oval shape or does it have an irregular shape? Choose the proper cover depending on your pool type.

But if you are unfamiliar or unsure, it’s better to call up a professional contractor or a safety pool covers company to install the cover. These professionals understand the laws that dictate pool covers and therefore will take appropriate actions according to these laws. Additionally, reputable professional contractors will most likely to install a durable pool cover while offering insightful advice regarding the choice of materials of the pool covers as well as installation.

Since installing safety pool covers for San Jose swimming pools is considered an investment, having a professional to work with you will ensure of a high-quality pool cover that can also last for many years.