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Automatic Pool Covers Clovis: Have Fun and Save Money

Automatic Pool Covers Clovis: Have Fun and Save Money

Automatic pool covers in Clovis provide a lot of benefits other than protecting your swimming pool from dirt and debris.

Do you know that aside from preventing your swimming pool from becoming dirty; it also saves you money? Purchasing and installing a pool cover for your backyard pool is an investment. If you choose a pool cover of good quality, it is guaranteed to make a handsome return of investment (ROI) in just a few years after its installation.

There is nothing better than coming to a swimming pool that’s been warmed up for a good night’s or morning’s swim. But the moment your utility bill arrives, it can be a bit of a shock!

But do not let these increasing bills disrupt your pool pleasure! Not using the heater doesn’t mean you’d end up swimming in a pool of frigid water. You will still be able to enjoy a warm pool, but instead of using the heater, there’s a simpler and more cost-effective alternative: by using a pool cover.

Without a cover, the pool water will absorb a considerable amount of sunlight, but it is offset by evaporation which causes pool water loss. But when the pool is covered, not only does it trap the vapors, but also retains heat and energy that water absorbs from sunlight.

While any other type of pool cover can do the job of heating the pool, solar pool covers are made most specifically to capture the sun’s energy which is then directly transferred to your pool water. After the pool is covered for the whole day, it will be warm enough when it’s opened for an evening dip. With a covered pool, you will save energy and lower your utility bills by not using the heater.

Not only can a covered pool save you from paying exorbitant utility bills, but it will also help in reducing the use of chemicals needed when cleaning the pool. A pool cover, especially a solid pool cover, will prevent fallen leaves, branches, dirt, soot and other debris from entering the pool. A solid pool cover will also block out sunlight, which contributes to the growth of algae in the pool.

With a covered pool, you do not have to use a lot of chemicals or use chemicals as regularly as you used to. When the water is kept covered and clean, there is going to be less waste of water and fewer chemicals needed.

Don’t let the rising utility bills stop you from enjoying your time in the pool. Make the big change by using automatic pool covers in Clovis! They can help you save up to 85% on your heating, gas and electricity bills, as well as the use of chemicals and equipment needed for cleaning the pool.