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Pool Covers Granite Bay: Buyers Guide for Aboveground Pools

Pool Covers Granite Bay: Buyers Guide for Aboveground Pools

Like inground pools, aboveground pools need proper care and maintenance, too. There are pool covers in Granite Bay that are made for aboveground pools. Like covers for inground pools, covers for aboveground pools also need proper installation to ensure that they provide the optimum protection to your swimming pool. These covers also act as an additional safety barrier that will help keep smaller children and pets from entering the pool.

Evaporation is one of the culprits of pool water loss. Up to 95% of the heat escapes from the surface of the pool that’s uncovered due to evaporation. An aboveground pool cover, when used regularly, will prevent the vapors from escaping, thus the pool water will remain intact (and even get increased because the vapors will turn into moisture dripping back to the pool). A pool cover will even help increase the water’s temperature!

Here are the types of aboveground pool covers

Solar pool covers

Solar aboveground pool covers are one of the most affordable options around but it also makes for a good investment for a pool cover set-up. It keeps your water clean which will cut down the amount of time you would have spent in cleaning the pool, as well as reduce the use of pool cleaning chemicals.

Mesh safety pool covers

As the name implies, this type of pool cover has a mesh fabric on the surface. But some mesh covers have a weave count that’s so compact, they are almost act like solid covers. The advantage of a mesh cover is that it allows rainwater to pass through, while still protecting the pool from fallen leaves, branches, and other visible debris. Thus, you do not need a cover pump the remove all the accumulated rainwater. If made of durable materials and with the proper installation, it will function as a barrier to prevent children and pets from entering the pool.

But the most significant disadvantage of a mesh cover is that it introduces less visible impurities such as dust and soot, as well as the presence of sunlight, which will encourage algae growth on the pool floor and walls. These covers are also very difficult to use and are sold mostly as a once or twice per year operation.

Solid safety pool covers

Solid safety pool covers are your best bet if you want to provide the ultimate pool protection and security for your family. Like many other types of pool covers, solid safety pool covers are designed to keep both visible and less visible debris as well as sunlight out of the water, making it easier to clean when you get the pool ready for use. Not to mention it is an excellent barrier that prevents entry by smaller children and pets.

For those who own aboveground swimming pools and have concerns with their upkeep, or safety concerns, or both, these aboveground pool covers in Granite Bay will ably meet your every need.