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Swimming Pool Covers Granite Bay Can Handle Stormy Weather

Swimming Pool Covers Granite Bay Can Handle Stormy Weather

A local weather forecast has announced that a bad weather is on its way. You have everything prepared for the possible worst to come, but have you prepared your swimming pool? If you still haven’t, do you think swimming pool covers in Granite Bay can handle stormy weather?

Here are the tips to prepare your pool as you anticipate for storms:

Think about the cover, but don’t drain the pool

When it is rainy here customers need to have their sump pump set up on top of the cover. Doing this will drain the rainwater off the top of the cover. Remember, standing water on top of a cover poses a potential drowning hazard. This is why the ASTM Federal Safety guidelines state the need for an automatic sump pump.

Keep the pool vault free of debris

Swimming pool owners need to make sure their pool cover vault is free of debris so the water can drain out and not flood. This is only applicable for in ground pool covers. Clogged vaults can cause damage to the motor, drum, or cover itself.

Make sure automatic pool covers run smoothly

Even during the winter months, or whenever there is heavy rain, make sure to open and close the automatic pool covers to keep them running smoothly. Like any automatic system, these require periodic maintenance to ensure they remain in proper working order.

Clean off debris

Clean debris out of the track on an automatic pool cover so the cover does not jam. You may also want to remove any debris from the center of the swimming pool covers in Granite Bay to ensure it doesn’t move to the track and cause issues.

Yearly maintenance is important

The homeowner or a pool cover service company should provide a once or twice yearly maintenance on the cover. Not only does this alert the homeowner to any issues related to the cover itself, they will also be aware if there are issues related to the motor. Proper yearly maintenance can help you save money in the long-run.

Fix holes as soon as possible

After the stormy weather has passed, go out and check the pool cover. Patch any holes that appear in the vinyl as soon as you see them, so they do not become larger holes and deteriorate faster. You may be able to repair holes that are less than four to six inches, but you will want to contact Pool Covers, Inc. for tears that are larger than that to ensure they properly repaired.

While it is true that the weather in Granite Bay is generally mild, it helps to know how to handle stormy weather when it relates to your pool. High winds can result in dangerous flying debris and cause damage to the pool covers. Pool Covers, Inc. can stop by and inspect your pool cover if you’re unsure about it following a storm.

Sure, swimming pool covers in Granite Bay are built to protect your swimming pool from debris on a normal day. They are also designed to protect your swimming pool during a heavy storm if you follow the suggestions above.