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What Features Should Safety Pool Covers in Fresno Have?

Swimming pool covers in Fresno are in demand right now especially during the summer months. There are a lot of brands nowadays which leave more choices for the consumers. The swimming pool cover is made for your backyard pool as well as for the consumer. What is important for you when choosing a safety pool cover.

All homeowners who have a backyard pool want a pool cover that protects the water from evaporation, keeps the water clean, and warm, and prevents someone from drowning.

Manual Safety Pool Covers

For those who want to have a maximum protection to their swimming pools but want a fraction of a cost an automatic pool cover, they can invest on a good manual safety pool cover. They come in either manual snap down or a track manual. Pool Covers, Inc. offers them both. The manual pool cover with a fastener snap down is the perfect solution for pool covers of irregular shapes and sizes or multi-level pools or pools that aren’t used quite often but otherwise need to be covered. You can also have the pools custom-shaped to fit the size, shape or type of your swimming pool.

These manual snap-down covers are secured by attaching to the deck with spring loaded, life-lock anchors which can be released by inserting and twisting the life-lock safety tool.

The track manual is designed for smaller to medium-sized pools and features a low-profile track mounted to the both sides of the deck. It’s like an automatic pool cover except for the absence of the motor (which automatically opens and closes the pool cover). You may upgrade it to the automatic pool cover if you desire.

Automatic Safety Pool Covers

Pool Covers, Inc.’s automatic safety pool covers use the Infinity 4000TM technology which made them the most state-of-the-art pool covers on the market today. The Infinity 4000TM Electric pool cover has the only FLOOD RESISTANT drive motor feature in the world and an auto-stop motor with no external controls whatsoever. The Infinity 4000TM is either electric or hydraulic.

For sure, Pool Covers, Inc.’s pool covers are made from the highest quality and durable materials, and they all surpass the A.S.T.M. safety standards. No matter what safety pool covers in Fresno you get from Pool Covers, Inc., you can be sure that they’re absolutely the “safest” safety pool cover out there.