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Caring for Pool Covers in Rancho Cordova

Pool covers in Rancho Cordova are used for a variety of useful benefits that range from keeping the pool clean to protect people from falling into the pool and drowning.

Regular care and maintenance are needed to ensure your swimming pool cover’s durability and useful life. Not only should they be applied to the fabric itself, but also to the metal workings, attachments, and other parts of the cover.

You may not know it before, but checking your pool water’s levels and chemical composition may play a big factor to your pool cover’s durability since the pool cover mostly comes in contact with the pool water. It is important that you should check the pool water’s pH and chlorine levels at least twice a week. When the concentration of the pool water’s pH levels is balanced — about 7.4 to 7.6 — it is neither too acidic or too basic, just right. Too low pH levels will turn your water acidic, while high levels of it will cause the water to become basic. The extreme pH levels may contribute to corrosion not only to the fabric but also to the metal workings when the water is splashed onto them, causing them to malfunction.

Check the water levels in your pool regularly. If the water levels are below the skimmer, it would cause undue stress to the pool cover.

Use chlorine that is 96% pure. When adding powdered shocks to the chlorine, do so with caution, as too much can especially cause corrosion and damage to the pool cover and its attachments.

Certain chemicals release gas, so it is important to remove the pool cover at least once a week (if needed) to help prevent the buildup of chemical gases in the pool water, which could otherwise cause damage to the cover.

Having a pool cover pump handy is important to keep your pool cover from collecting water on it’s surface. This could potentially cause a drowning hazard. Place the pool cover pump in an area where the cover tends to collect too much pool water. Place the pump’s hose to a receptacle or any other area that drains the water away from the pool cover.

Pool covers take a lot of beating from fallen leaves, branches, twigs, and other debris. While they keep dirt and debris from entering the pool, they naturally end up dirty. Remove the dirt and debris from the pool cover and wash it. Leaving the pool cover dirty will result in eventual damage because the fallen debris would pile up on the pool cover and that will compromise its durability over time.

Check the pool cover for any signs of damage, If a rip or tear is just small — not more than six inches — simple mending is enough. But if the damage is extensive, it’s better to replace it with a new cover.

Pool covers in Rancho Cordova are indeed an investment. There’s no alternative for the best pool cover and the high-quality installation. That’s why it’s only fitting that they get the best care and maintenance to help them last for many years to come.