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Swimming Pool Covers Stockton for an Odd-Shaped Pool

Swimming Pool Covers Stockton for an Odd-Shaped Pool

Odd-shaped swimming pools have their own appeal, but they can also be challenging to maintain. You may own such a swimming pool and are concerned whether it can be covered when not in use. Well, fret no more – swimming pool covers in Stockton manufacturers can customize pool covers for odd-shaped pools like yours.

If you’re thinking of building a less traditionally shaped inground swimming pool, here are the following benefits it will bring:

  1. It beautifies your backyard.
  2. It increases property value.
  3. It is a good place for exercising and keeping yourself fit.
  4. It adds fun.
  5. It inspires creativity in landscaping.
  6. It is space-friendly.
  7. It is customizable.

Odd-shaped swimming pools often have additional features to make your backyard look like an oasis. But to keep your odd-shaped pool in its top form, you need to clean and maintain it to continue reaping its benefits for years to come.

Here are some types of odd-shaped swimming pools:

  • Oval
  • Kidney-shaped
  • Figure 8
  • Lazy L
  • Roman
  • Grecian
  • Free form

Several odd-shaped swimming pools boast design additions that can cause them to have such shapes. Some factors can alter the swimming pool’s shape, such as tanning ledges, waterfalls, raised decks, steps, rock treatments, and attached jacuzzis.

Odd-shaped pools, especially the free-form ones, can be as space-friendly as they are customizable. These pools are whatever shape that works for you and your backyard.

Can a pool cover be fit for an odd-shaped pool?

The answer – is yes, it is possible. It applies to a wide range of pool covers on the market, busting the old myth that irregularly shaped pools cannot be covered. Whether it is a manual or automatic type, both of them can cover almost every type of pool shape.

Manual pool covers

There’s a quote that says, “the simplest solution is almost always the best,” and that can also apply to manual pool covers. They may not come with electricity, automation, or bells and whistles. But simple and uncomplicated as they seem, manual pool covers are often considered the best option for odd-shaped pools.

Manual pool covers can even accommodate multi-level pools – this is where automatic covers aren’t practical. Whether you own a kidney-shaped pool or a multi-level pool with a fountain, a manual pool cover can accommodate swimming pools of every shape and size. However, the most significant disadvantage of manual pool covers is that you have to take the cover off literally. The time and effort spent in manually taking the cover off and putting it on again make manual pool covers less appealing.

Automatic pool covers

If you think you can’t get an automatic cover for your odd-shaped pool, think again. Automatic pool covers can accommodate pools of almost all types. And, of course, they offer the convenience of remotely opening and closing the pool, allowing you to enjoy more pool time!

Here are some automatic covers suggestions for odd-shaped pools.

  1. Kidney-shaped pool – A pool cover with a recessed top track allows you to achieve a hidden cover system.
  2. L-shaped pool – A double cover system (instead of only one cover for the entire pool) allows you to have one mechanism at each side of the pool. You can opt for a top-track system if your pool is smaller.
  3. Free-form pool – A pool cover with a recessed top track is similar to the under-track system. Instead of installing the track under the pool coping, it is mounted outside the pool or along the sides.

Whether you own the usual rectangular pool or an odd-shaped pool, there is a pool cover for nearly every size and shape. Swimming pool covers in Stockton companies can help you determine which cover option is the most suitable for your odd-shaped swimming pool.