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Swimming Pool Covers Modesto – Avoid Ill-Fitting Covers

Swimming Pool Covers Modesto – Avoid Ill-Fitting Covers

Swimming pool covers in Modesto can protect the lives of your family and loved ones, and your investment. But how can you be sure when a pool cover is safe to use?

If you are looking for a pool cover, it is only natural to have some concerns about whether this or that pool cover is safe. Not all pool covers are made the same. Some are only designed to keep the water warm, while some are only made to keep out leaves and other debris. Also, not all pool covers are made to meet safety standards – and this factor should be considered seriously especially if you still have children and pets in your household.

A pool cover becomes dangerous due to the following factors:

An ill-fitting pool cover

Believe it or not, a lot of people still end up with the wrong size pool cover. The main reason is that they could not find a pool cover that perfectly matches the dimensions of their pool and decide to buy ready-made ones that have the closest size available.

Some pool covers are deceptive to the eyes of the consumers – they may seem larger than the covered portion of the swimming pool. But the moment they stretch across the pool, they leave noticeable gaps on the sides. Even gaps of a few inches are considered dangerous because they can permit smaller children and pets to sneak under the cover and have access to the pool water itself.An ill-fitting pool cover also leaves the water exposed on the sides, which brings in dirt from the outside that may contaminate the pool.Rather than buying a ready-made pool cover, you should hire a pool cover manufacturer that also installs it on your swimming pool. A team of professional installers measures the dimensions of your pool and records them at the site. These professionals will use this information to create and design a pool cover that fits perfectly with your swimming pool’s size and dimensions.

A cover that is not secured at the ends

Not all pool covers are installed using the same method. The safest and the most reliable pool covers are the safety covers that are attached and drilled into the surrounding pool area.However, some covers, such as solar covers, are floating covers. These covers sit inside the perimeter of the pool and float on top of the pool water. This is not a good option to keep children and pets safe.

When you use a solar pool cover know that they are not a safety cover

The primary purpose of a solar pool cover is to prevent the water from evaporating and at the same time, to keep the water nice and warm. However, these covers also float on top of the pool water and not secured in any way. They do not keep children and pets out of the pool water.

When the pool cover collects a lot of water

When it rains, the water collects on top of the pool cover, forming a puddle. This poses a danger as there is the potential for smaller children or pets to drown in the standing water left on top of the cover.

Use a pump regularly to remove the excess water from the pool cover. You should choose a pool cover that fulfills the ASTM safety requirements and these come with an automatic sump pump to pump water off the top of the cover during the rainy season.

Some pool covers are made to provide safety for your pets and loved ones. If you want a good quality safety pool cover, you should look into the following considerations:1. It should meet ASTM safety requirements.2. You should hire ONLY a certified pool cover installation technician and not just some “handyman” who installs a pool cover aside from doing myriads of other jobs. Make sure that the person you hire is a certified pool cover technician, backed by a reputable company with years of experience.3. Pool covers age, too. You should have a certified technician to look at the condition of your pool cover to make sure that they are still safe and working well.Regular checking and maintenance on your part are also essential to prevent swimming pool covers in Modesto from becoming a potential “danger zone.”