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Swimming Pool Cover for Granite Bay Pools – Getting the Pool Ready

Swimming Pool Cover for Granite Bay Pools – Getting the Pool Ready

The weather is getting warmer, and the sun is shining, which means swim season is just around the corner. There is no better time than now to get your backyard in great shape. A swimming pool cover for Granite Bay pools keeps the watery haven protected no matter what season.

Before starting the pool fun, don’t forget about spring cleaning. This includes getting your pool in tip-top shape. Here are some tips to help you get your pool open in the right way:

1) Remove the pool cover. Depending on the type of pool cover you use, you may have to clean up any debris on the cover. Using an additional leaf net over a pool cover prevents leaves, twigs, and other debris from collecting on the cover or settling on the pooled water. It makes opening and cleaning the pool a lot easier. If you use a solid pool cover, pump off any standing water.

2) After removing the cover, make sure to clean and rinse it thoroughly. Let it dry.

3) The water may still have some debris and dirt. Make sure to keep the water clean before letting anyone use the pool. Good vacuuming and skimming are just what your pool needs to start the swim season off right.

3) Check the water levels. If the water is a bit too low, you may need to add more water, bringing the level up to its recommended water level.

4) Test the pool water’s chemical balance. You can buy test kits to check your pool’s pH level. However, it’s better to have your pool tested professionally before making any changes to the water. You have to see what needs to be adjusted in order to achieve the ideal chemical balance necessary for sparkling clean pool water. Keep in mind that your pool’s chemical balance needs to be checked and adjusted regularly throughout the entire swim season to keep optimum cleanliness.

5) Don’t forget the filter! Clean the pool filter thoroughly and check it for damage before starting it up. Now, start your filter system up, and pump for possible worn or damaged parts. Buy replacements parts when necessary, to ensure that they will be in top condition throughout the entire swim season. Keep in mind that after sitting for many months of no use, the filter may need to be primed with water or another lubricant to make sure it’s still working.

6) Make sure to keep your pool surroundings clean. Sweep the deck and pick up the fallen leaves. Brush any dirt, soot, or grime off the deck. If your pool deck has noticeable cracks, patch them up. Trim overgrown shrubbery and clear out weeds and unwanted plants.

You will still need to use your pool cover when you’re done swimming. While many people use a pool cover only for the colder months, there are plenty of advantages to using them throughout the entire year.

1) It prevents pool water evaporation (up to 95%).

2) It keeps leaves and debris out of the water keeping your pool cleaner.

3) It retains heat in the pool which leads to energy savings.

4) It reduces chemical usage.

5) It reduces time on maintenance.

6) If you use a safety pool cover, it prevents drowning and other related accidents. Make sure that a safety pool cover meets ASTM requirements.

If you’re interested in installing a swimming pool cover for Granite Bay pools but don’t know where to start, Pool Covers, Inc.’s team of experienced and certified technicians can help you find the pool cover that will fit your needs and budget. Check out our product range or give us a call or fill our online form and we will contact you with further information.