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Safety Pool Covers Clovis – Keeping Pets Safe around the Pool

Safety Pool Covers Clovis – Keeping Pets Safe around the Pool

Summer is in full swing once again, which means opportunities to do fun things outdoors are just around the corner. And summer is not complete without a dip in the pool, together with our loved ones and friends – including our furry friends.

When readying your pool for the swim season, there are many things to plan for, but the most important is safety. Pool security concerns and accidents are the main reasons why safety pool covers in Clovis exist.

Fun and excitement await as you get your pool ready for the summer. The kids cannot wait to grab their colorful inflatable rings and excitedly dash towards the pool. But as we all know, they should be supervised while they are in and also around the pool, at all times. But did you know that you have to watch over your animals, too?

As temperatures outside continue to rise, our pets may look for ways to cool themselves off while they spend time outside. Cats may also have their own way of cooling off, but most of them don’t voluntarily jump into the pools as dogs do. However, both dogs and cats may accidentally fall in the pool. Heavy dogs with short legs are particularly at risk as they find swimming difficult and challenging. Dogs with certain conditions, such as arthritis, seizures, and loss of vision, are also at risk around water.

Imagine your pet in this situation: they may see a pool in front of them. They may be thirsty and want to lap some water from the pool, or even try to swim in the pool. Or they may be running around the yard and be not aware that there’s a swimming pool in the area. And once they fall in the water, they may not know how to get out or may not know how to swim.

Here’s a heartbreaking fact: an estimated 5,000 family pets drown in the backyard swimming pool every year.

If you don’t want your pet to become a part of that statistic, there are a number of ways you can protect them.

  • Install a high fence around the pool – make sure that the fence is installed in a way that your pet would never be able to climb over, dig under, or chew through it.
  • Install a sensor alarm that detects water or motion in or around the pool. The sensor alarm can be available in floating, mounted, or wearable. Make sure to keep the sensor powered and within an earshot.

The above options may be good, but the best option is to install and use safety pool covers on your pool.

  • Safety pool covers can easily replace all other pool security options. It will provide sure and total protection to your pets. Even if they fall in the pool, they will not go into the water as the safety pool cover acts as a safety barrier between the water and your pet.

With a safety pool cover installed, you can let your pets run out in the yard and not worry because they will be safe.

Most importantly, a safety pool cover should have the ASTM certification, which means that a safety pool cover has met the following criteria:

  • It must be able to hold a weight that is equivalent to two adults and one child to permit rescue.
  • It must pass the Perimeter Detection Test, which means any openings should be too small for any object to pass through, and that they are strong enough to resist any attempts to pass through.
  • It must pass the Surface Drainage Test, which means it must prove that they do not collect rainwater on the surface.
  • It must have the proper information and warning labels.

Safety pool covers in Clovis give you peace of mind. You will be free to do household chores or settle down to watch your favorite TV series while your pets are out there in the yard running and exploring. You will have no worries about them, because there’s a safety pool cover in place, keeping them away from harm.