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Safety Pool Covers Modesto – Tricks to Make Your Cover Last Longer

Safety Pool Covers Modesto – Tricks to Make Your Cover Last Longer

Safety pool covers in Modesto do their job of protecting your pool from debris, sunlight, and dirty water rain, aside from the most important thing – to protect your loved ones from drowning.

Here are some tips to help extend the life of your safety pool cover:

For inground safety pool covers:

Use water tubes

Winds are one of the issues that can impact the useful life of a pool cover, but many swimming pool owners tend to ignore it. Strong gusts slipping under the pool cover can cause it to shake up and down. Over time, the winds can rip through the cover’s fabric. Another thing to consider, strong winds can also push leaves and dust not just on top of the cover, but also underneath the cover, making the pool water dirty.

Water tubes are used to seal in the sides of the pool cover to help it to become more stable against strong winds. They are normally used on non-safety pool covers as safety pool covers are attached to the sides of the pool and wind is typically a non-factor in these situations.

Patch the cover

Depending on the extent of the damage, patching the pool cover is the ideal solution to make it last longer. Mesh pool covers nowadays are extremely durable, so in case they get punctured, they won’t immediately fray or rip apart. Nevertheless, it should be repaired immediately with DIY patching or by purchasing a mesh cover patch kit.

Solid pool covers are also durable, so they would rarely easily rip apart in case they get punctured. If the damage is manageable, the best way to deal with it is to repair it with DIY patching or with a solid pool cover patching kit.

Clean the track of debris so it does not tear the cover

Debris can collect not just on top of the pool cover, but it can also on the tracks. If the tracks are not cleaned, it can cause damage to the fabric. Also, with debris in the track it can cause the cover to become out of adjustment. To avoid this, check your tracks regularly for any debris. You can wash and clean the tracks by using a garden hose or a spray bottle. Make sure that you remove all objects – branches, leaves, toys, etc. – before opening or closing the pool.

Also, the cleaning chemicals may leave a residue which can cause damage to the tracks if left there for too long. Fortunately, it can be solved by just a quick wash.

Keep the inground vault free of debris

Remove all debris on the cover vault area by cleaning and rinsing them off. You should also clean the pool cover’s entire machinery. Afterward, check its working condition if it operates normally as it should.

Lubricate the machinery

Lubricate all the pool cover’s moving components, as required in its regular maintenance, to make sure that they are working smoothly. It can be usually done by spraying with a Teflon-based lubricant which prevents wearing and rusting of all moving parts.

Check the water level of your pool

Many pool owners fail to realize that the water level of their swimming pool can also affect the performance and useful life of a pool cover. Please check the water level of your swimming pool, then add or reduce water when necessary until it reaches the proper level. If the water level is otherwise too low it won’t have enough water underneath it for support. This can damage the track and the fabric. Keep water level halfway up the skimmer line.

While safety pool covers in Modesto are made to be durable and resilient, they still need regular and proper maintenance. This is to make sure that they last even longer to protect your swimming pool and keep it clean. Ensuring the safety pool cover is in good shape, ultimately, will ensure your loved ones and pets stay safe.