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Safety Pool Covers Granite Bay – Can I Install the Cover?

Safety Pool Covers Granite Bay – Can I Install the Cover?

Safety pool covers in Granite Bay provide all the benefits every pool owner can ask for – clean and warm water, water and energy savings, and safety. Every well-informed pool owner knows that the benefits that a pool cover can provide down the road will offset the costly purchase and installation.

If you are thinking of installing a pool cover by yourself, it requires more than merely reading and understanding of the instructions and having the proper equipment. They are the key to an accurate, correct, safe, and successful installation. However, the majority of safety pool covers can NOT be installed by anyone other than a professional. The federal ASTM guidelines must be met for the safety pool covers to adequately provide the protection they are designed to provide.

Installing a safety pool cover is something many DIY hobbyists may aspire to accomplish. But unlike many DIY home projects, installing a safety pool cover requires the use of specialized and heavy tools and a willingness to take on the liability of installing a safety product. You may not be afraid of some labor and can take precise measurements, but it honestly is best to have a professional install a cover to your swimming pool.

Why would you want to install your own pool safety pool cover? The number one reason is to save money. To have a professional pool cover installer, they have to come to your house, take measurements of your pool, write up an order and send it to the company, cash your deposit, pick up the pool cover order, come to your house and install it. They will discuss with you if you have any questions or concerns, and finally, charge you for the balance payment.

On average, professional pool cover installation would set you back at around $500 to $1,500 (depending on the size and shape of the pool or the complexity of the installation) in service fees.

If you want to save money for your safety pool cover, you may be able to measure the pool for a safety pool cover. It is likely, however, that the pool cover installation team will want to remeasure the pool to ensure they have the correct size.

The difficulty level of installing a safety pool cover depends on many factors:

  • Shape of the pool – Pools with straight lines are easier to install a pool cover than pools with round edges and asymmetrical shapes. Besides, “free-form” pools are more expensive to install a pool cover because they require a custom measurement. On the other hand, Rectangular pools are examples of an easy cover since they come in standard measurements. Once you know your rectangular pool’s size, you can give the size to the installation company to order the pool cover and wait to have it installed by a professional.
  • Type of deck material – Concrete decks (broomed, stamped, etc.) are easier to install than other types of decks (paving stones, interlocking bricks, etc.) due to several factors. For instance, a concrete anchor installs about 1.5-inch deep into the pool deck using a ¾-inch drill bit. On the other hand, other deck anchors install around 12 inches deep and require bigger drill bits, usually 7/8″ or 1″ depending on your chosen supplier. That is why it is essential to know what type of deck your swimming pool has; else, you may end up with the wrong type of anchor. So, if your pool has a stone or interlocking brick deck, do not attempt to install concrete anchors into them. It will damage the pool deck and ultimately make the cover unsafe. Installing the proper anchors are part of the ASTM guidelines that must be followed.
  • Pool steps – If your swimming pool has in-wall steps outside your pool area’s perimeter, that will increase both the difficulty and cost of installing a pool cover. You may be able to find a handful of select ready-to-buy pool covers with step sections of general size and location, but having a professional measure the pool, and all its features, is the best way to ensure the pool cover fits properly.
  • Pool deck intrusions – If your pool deck has items such as slides, bolted railing, water fountains, raised walls, diving board base, etc., within 24 to 36 inches of the pool’s edge, they will increase both the complexity and the cost of installing a pool cover. This is another reason why it is best to depend on professionals to inspect your pool, take accurate measurements, and consider the steps and intrusions when designing your pool cover.

As you can tell, even if you think you have the tools and understand how to install a pool cover, it would be better and safer to choose a professional to do it for you. While hiring a professional may cost you more upfront than DIY-ing it, these advantages will offset the initial expenses:

  • Proper equipment – Installing a safety pool cover might not be simple as it looks, and this holds most especially true if you own a pool with complex shapes or a pool deck with lots of intrusions. It requires the right equipment to get the job done. Professionals will come to you with all the tools necessary for the installation of your safety pool cover.
  • Experience and expertise – To install a safety pool cover, you need to know the proper steps to do it, the tools you need, and how to use such tools. If you do not understand every step, the project could end up being a costly disaster. Installing a pool cover requires a skilled and experienced crew that is fully aware of the entire process of installing a pool cover.
  • Safety – If you attempt to install a safety pool cover by yourself, you could be putting yourself at risk for injury. Not wearing the right protection while drilling holes on the pool deck could result in eye injury. Besides, some tools are heavy to lift, and that alone could result in a pulled muscle or back pain. A professional pool cover company sends out a team of experienced workers who have undergone regular safety training – thus, they know how to install a pool cover properly and safely.

Peace of mind – With their experience, technical expertise, proper equipment, and priority towards safety, these professionals ensure that safety pool covers in Granite Bay are correctly installed and securely to your swimming pool. Rest assured that there will not be any installation mishaps, giving you peace of mind. Of course, nothing can surpass the peace of mind you will get knowing that your children, pets, and others are kept safe from accidentally falling into the pool.