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Automatic Pool Covers in Clovis for Safety

Automatic Pool Covers in Clovis for Safety

Automatic pool covers in Clovis have seen significant innovations in recent years, which give them greater flexibility to any types of swimming pools and spas. The safety features of these automatic pool covers have also significantly improved.

Because of these improvements, automatic pool covers better protect your swimming pool and the lives of your loved ones. Automatic pool covers are, indeed, the unsung heroes of our backyard! Aside from preventing accidental drowning by limiting access to the pool, they also help save you money on water, energy, pool chemicals, and maintenance.

Imagine the possible accidents and other pool dangers if you have not thought of covering up your pool, especially if you have little children, pets, and non-swimmers in your household. Swimming pools can have a powerful pull on small children – the sight of the glistening turquoise blue waters is too irresistible for active, curious kids to not notice. They can slip away from the watchful eyes of adults in only seconds. And it happens every day.

Do you know that the majority of drowning accidents in children occur in residential pools than public pools? According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), children under the age of five drown in pools every year nationwide. And most swimming pool-related deaths occur in backyard pools.

These accidents can be easily prevented by installing safety layers in your yard. These layers consist of installing a pool safety fence and/or installing safety alarms. However, the most effective barrier in protecting children from accidental drowning is a safety pool cover.

Even when you’re not around to keep an eye on your children in the pool area, a pool cover gives you total peace of mind, knowing that it limits your child’s access to the pool. A durable and reliable pool cover will be able to support your child’s weight even if he or she steps on the stretched-out pool cover and jumps on it.

To ensure that you are getting the best automatic pool cover, make sure that it’s from a reputable and reliable pool cover manufacturer and installer.

Another important thing in purchasing and installing automatic pool covers – get one that is ASTM-certified. The standards for pool covers are labeled as “ASTM F1346-91”. The pool cover manufacturer must comply with the following ASTM guidelines for their products to be considered ASTM-certified:

  1. The pool cover must hold at least 485 lbs. – roughly equivalent to the combined weight of two average adults and one child – to permit a rescue operation.
  2. The pool cover must pass a Perimeter Deflection Test, where manufacturers have to prove that any openings around the cover are too small to allow objects to pass through and that they are strong enough to withstand any efforts to pass through.
  3. The pool cover must pass a Surface Drainage Test, wherein it must be designed in a way so that excess water does not collect on the surface, by either using a semi-permeable material or a design feature that allows rainwater to pass through the cover.
  4. The pool cover must have proper labels, such as manufacturer warranties and ASTM standard warnings.

A swimming pool is a great place for enjoyment and bonding with the family, but it can also be a danger zone if it is not made secure after use. No matter what other pool security methods you use, automatic pool covers in Clovis remain the most effective way of protecting the lives of your loved ones.