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Safety Pool Covers for Stockton Pools Provide Family Safety

There may be many types of pool covers, but if you want the optimum protection for your family and loved ones, it’s better to invest in safety pool covers for Stockton pools.

Did you know that most drowning accidents do not happen on the beach or at a public resort, but (unfortunately) at backyard pools? The majority of the victims are children. These tragic accidents could have been prevented by a simple and easy solution – covering pools when they’re not used.

Kids are attracted to water. Swimming pools can be a very powerful lure to them, especially to curious toddlers and active preschoolers. They can even escape their parents’ watchful eyes in just a matter of seconds. Either you must constantly supervise your children to prevent them from going towards the pool, or have your pool covered and feel a peace of mind while you’re busy doing other things in the house.

While there are many types of safety measures such as erecting a fence around a pool or installing alarms, a lot of kids can still get past them. These are not fool proof methods to keep your child from going towards the pool.

The ultimate solution is to cover your pool. There are many types of pool covers on the market – some are made of mesh fabric, some are solid, and some are so-called “solar” covers, but not all of these are safety pool covers. Make sure to choose a safety cover to ensure total security.

But what requirements does a pool cover have to be qualified as a “safety pool cover”?

A pool cover should be compliant with the ASTM International standards in order to be qualified as a safety pool cover. This is to ensure that all safety pool covers are of high quality and provide a high level of safety.

According to ASTM’s F1346-91 standard:

  • A pool cover should be able to hold a weight of at least 485 lbs. (which is approximate to two adults and one child) to allow a rescue operation.
  • A pool cover should be able to demonstrate that any opening between the cover and the side of the pool is small enough to prevent a child or a pet to pass through.
  • The “surface drainage test” which makes sure that no dangerous amount of rain water collecting on the cover’s surface.
  • Labeling requirements which include warranty information and proper warnings (as described by the standard)

With Pool Covers Inc.’s products, you are assured of top quality and safety. Both of its manual and automatic pool covers have passed – and even exceeded – ASTM standards. Whether you want a basic manual pool cover or want total convenience and ease of use with an automatic pool cover, Pool Covers will cater to your every need for pool maintenance and safety.

It’s better to be safe than sorry! Invest on safety pool covers for Stockton pools to ensure total safety and security for your family and loved ones.