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Replacing an Automatic Pool Cover on Granite Bay Pools

Replacing an Automatic Pool Cover on Granite Bay Pools

Like all other pool covers, automatic pool covers on Granite Bay pools will require replacement.

As automatic pool covers age, their durability decreases. Eventually, they will become prone to suffer sudden rips and tears, or will have difficulty operating. They can no longer serve their purpose of keeping the pool water clean and intact while providing safety against accidental drowning.

Besides age and frequency of use, there are a multitude of reasons why automatic pool covers do not last past an expected amount of time, and require replacement:

  • High Chlorine Levels – Pools need to be shocked for closing. However, high-chlorine shocks can damage the underside of the pool cover and weaken it significantly. The problem is not usually detectable from the top side of the cover, but suddenly, the cover will tear, and the pool owner will have it replaced, not knowing the damage is caused by a chlorine burn. When a pool is shocked the cover needs to be left off the water until the chemicals have time to dissipate. Maintain chemical balance and run the filter often.
  • Maintaining Track – If too much debris builds up in the track the covers will become worn and will tear. Make sure to rinse out the track to prevent this issue.
  • Debris/Animal Damage –If fallen leaves and excessive debris are a problem in your yard make sure to remove the debris as soon as possibleSticks and twigs can puncture the cover. Patch your cover as soon as a tear is detected. Animals can also cause tears in covers.

An automatic pool cover is “the ultimate” in water conservation, safety, and convenience for inground swimming pools. It is built to last for a long time. Still, it is an item with moving parts and prone to exposure to harsh environmental conditions. It will eventually decline after many years of service, although its useful life can extend depending on how well a pool owner maintains it.

Under normal to extreme conditions, automatic pool covers usually lasts five to seven years without any problems. If properly cared for, they can even last up to ten years.


Choose to purchase a cover from a reputable company who will honor all warranties. Each pool environment is different, and the lifespan of vinyl pool covers varies dramatically. Prorated warranties are useful if your cover does not go the full expected lifespan you will get money back on proration.

It is also a good idea to seek references and to check out the Better Business Bureau for information on the potential automatic pool covers on Granite Bay manufacturers you may choose to buy from.