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Enhance Pool Security with Pool Covers Granite Bay

Enhance Pool Security with Pool Covers Granite Bay

A swimming pool is a great place for family time, but it can quickly turn into a danger zone when unsupervised children are left beside the pool. With pool covers in Granite Bay, they can prevent these possible scenarios from happening.

A swimming pool is a place to have fun, get exercise, relax, and bond with your family members. But a swimming pool is also a great responsibility because it is your duty to keep everyone safe when they are in and around the pool. The responsibility of owning a swimming pool goes beyond keeping everyone safe when it’s “pool time” and extends to keeping them safe when you’re not around it.

So, what happens if you’re not around to keep an eye on your swimming pool? Curious children and toddlers, pets, stray animals, and even neighbors whom you haven’t invited into the pool can be a safety risk.

There are many measures you can take to prevent anyone from entering the pool area. One of them is to install a fence around the pool – it should have fence that opens outward, should be away from the pool area, and should be self-closing and self-latching.

Installing a pool alarm system is also a good idea, adding an extra layer of protection to keep kids, pets, or anyone else near the water. It’s best to install the alarm near the pool fence gates when they’re opened. A pool alarm system has proven to be quite effective that in some states, homeowners are required to install one around their own backyard pools.

It also helps to educate your loved ones on which pool behavior is and is not acceptable. Mount a “pool rules” list in the pool area so that everyone can see and read. It should include basic instructions, such as not running on the pool deck, not pushing anyone into the pool, and (for the children) not swimming without an adult present.

The best way to ensure that nobody gets into the water is by installing a safety pool cover. However, not all pool covers in Granite Bay are created equal – some types of pool covers are designed only to keep leaves, twigs, dirt, and debris from entering the pool, others to keep the pool water warm.

If security is your number one reason to cover your pool, choose only safety pool covers.

Make sure that the safety pool cover you’re about to purchase has met the ASTM safety standards to ensure that it provides security to your pool even when you’re not around. The ASTM safety certification ensures that the pool cover can hold the weight of two average adults and one child to permit a rescue operation, prevent too much rainwater from collecting on the surface, and keep anyone from slipping under the cover.

A swimming pool is a fun place for the family, but it can be a disaster if the safety precautions are not met. You can prevent unwanted accidents from happening by installing pool fences and pool alarms and educating the family about pool safety rules, but the best way is to install safety pool covers in Granit Bay to further enhance security around your pool. Having the pool cover will keep your loved ones safe even when you’re not around to keep an eye on them.