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Pool Covers in Sacramento Save Money as Well as Water

If you own a pool, and use pool covers in Sacramento, you can save money, water, and a life. Since swimming is a popular sport and leisure activity especially during the hot and humid season, you may own a pool; many homeowners do. Learn why covering your pool with a pool cover is a wise act to take each and every time you stop swimming.

Some people, after getting out of the pool, may think that it will be fine to leave the pool uncovered. They don’t realize that an uncovered pool will allow the water to evaporate under the searing sun. An uncovered pool could also be the scene of an accidental drowning if a child or pet falls into it and cannot save itself. No one wants to face either of these instances.

Depending on the size of the pool, how much shade it receives, as well as the local climate, evaporation will cause the pool water to reduce by a half of an inch to 2 inches a week. Using this estimate for an average-sized pool (usually 12 feet x 24 feet), the pool will lose about 19,500 gallons of water due to evaporation alone, especially during a long, hot season. Even indoor pools are prone to evaporation especially when left uncovered.

Imagine how much water your pool would lose by leaving it uncovered indefinitely! This considerable water loss could be prevented by simply installing a cover over the swimming pool. You can choose either a manual or automatic pool cover. According to the US Department of Energy, using a pool cover can save as much as 93%-95% of water loss due to evaporation. Imagine how much clean and “swimmable” water is saved per year when your pool is covered when not in use.

Apart from saving water, you’ll also be able to save money by using pool covers. A simple cover can save you from having to chemicals as often, can help save on your energy bills, and keep you from having to refill the pool. Expenses from using chemicals will be reduced by about 50% because the concentration of chemicals is minimized with evaporation. A pool cover keeps water from evaporating out of the pool, while trapping the heat in the water — which is good if you’re going to uncover the pool in time for night swimming. You won’t need a heater and thus will save you from paying extra energy bills.

With more water remaining in the pool, there’s no need to and refill the pool with fresh water as often. This will save you money on your water bill. If you use a company to refill your pool, you also won’t have this expense.

Finally, if your family has small children or pets, you want to keep them safe. A swimming pool cover, when used after each time you’re finished swimming for the day, can save the life of a child or a pet, or even an adult who doesn’t swim well. Saving the life of someone you love will make the cost associated with installing a pool cover worthwhile.

If you think that buying a pool cover is unnecessary, think again. You will save money, possibly more than you think! If you are especially concerned about saving pool water and money, as well as a life, don’t hesitate to buy a good quality pool cover in Sacramento such one from Pool Covers Inc., which is one of the biggest pool cover providers in California.