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Conserve Pool Water with Automatic Pool Covers in Danville

The governor of California has declared a “drought panic” and has mandated a cut back on water consumption. Pool owners can conserve water by using automatic pool covers in Danville and nearby cities.

The drought has caused many bodies of water, such as lakes and reservoirs in California, to dry up, thus reducing the water supply. Residents who own a pool can help eliminate evaporative loss by installing a pool cover on their pool.

Evaporation is a culprit behind water loss from a swimming pool. Although you may not notice it at first, evaporation will dry up your pool sooner than you realize, especially during hot weather.

Fortunately, a quality pool cover can reduce water evaporation. Pool owners will want to save water and can do so by simply as installing a pool cover. If they don’t want to deal with manually covering and uncovering the pool, another option is an automatic pool cover in Danville.

Automatic cover pools function pretty much the same as their manual counterparts. They preserve and protect the pool water from evaporation. Dust and falling debris are kept out of the water. They also protect people (especially children) from drowning. A pool cover also helps the pool retain heat. The difference between manual and automatic pool covers is, of course, the latter is operated by a motor which will cover and uncover the pool.

Automatic pool covers are more expensive, but the benefits will be definitely worth the price — especially if you choose automatic pool covers from Pool Covers, Inc. It has the is the Infinity 4000™ Swimming Pool Cover System that is designed for both newly constructed and existing pools. The Infinity 4000™ has earned praise from many clients as being the best automatic swimming pool cover on the market today. Easy to operate and maintain, Infinity 4000™ also blends well with the environment because of its host of different installation options, solutions, and colors. Infinity 4000™ pool covers also have the reputation of efficiency, as well.

Their Infinity 4000™ Electric safety pool cover has the world’s only “flood-proof” drive motor with no external control whatsoever. It has a low-voltage key switch which ensures users will receive no electrical shock as can happen with other automatic pool covers using high-voltage switches.

The Infinity 4000™ Hydraulic has pretty much the same components, and as with the Infinity 4000™ Electric, it is controlled by hydraulic motor. It is also safe to use. The Mini-Infinity is ideal for smaller swimming pools and spas.

Automatic safety pool covers in Danville provide pool owners with many benefits and will help pay for themselves in the long run. If you want to protect your swimming pool, you might as well want to install an automatic pool cover. Call Pool Covers, Inc. at 1-707-864-6674 if you have questions.