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Pool Covers Granite Bay Help Combat Water Loss

Pool Covers Granite Bay Help Combat Water Loss

You may think a simple apparatus like a pool cover can save water. But pool covers in Granite Bay do – and have. They offer other tremendous benefits besides saving water.

Pool water conservation is a particular concern among pool owners, especially during the hot summer. Controlling evaporation is also very important among pool owners in humid, dry, and arid regions.

Water is a precious commodity in such areas, whereas pool water evaporates more quickly. Commercial and residential pool owners have to be responsible for using (and also not using) their swimming pools and spas. Thus, they use covers to reduce evaporation significantly. Pool covers save water by trapping heat and vapors, reducing evaporation by up to 98%.

A pool cover saves you water and energy because you don’t have to turn on the heater to warm the water, as a pool cover keeps the heat in the pool.

A pool cover also keeps the water clean, blocking leaves, branches, and other debris. In addition, it can reduce chemical consumption by around 35% to 60%. With such savings on chemicals, you don’t have to shock the water constantly, reducing the number of chemicals needed to balance it.

Here are the types of pool covers ideal for saving water:

  • Solar pool cover – This type prevents evaporation while regulating the water’s temperature by keeping it warm with sunlight. There are automatic and semi-automatic variants available.
  • Solar blankets – Also called a thermal blanket, a solar blanket looks like a giant bubble wrap floating in the water. It is lightweight and easy to put on or take off without needing rollers. A well-fitted solar blanket can prevent up to 95% evaporation while retaining heat in the water. But a solar blanket will do poorly in that department if you’re looking for security. Since it floats on the water’s surface, it will not protect anyone who steps on it. So, if you have little children or pets, keep an eye on them, especially as they approach the pool.
  • Safety cover – A safety cover is usually anchored to the pool deck. Whether mesh or solid, a safety cover can prevent evaporation up to 90% to 95%. It is also strong enough to support the weight of any pet, stray animal, or child who steps on it. Both the mesh and solid safety covers keep leaves and debris out. However, the mesh cover allows rainwater, snow melt, dust, and other airborne debris into the pool, polluting the water. On the other hand, the solid cover collects rainwater and snow melt, if any, resulting in standing water on the middle surface of the cover. The standing water can be a significant safety concern; thus, you’ll need a cover pump to remove the standing water from the solid pool cover.

Using any pool covers mentioned, you don’t have to constantly refill your pool or balance it with chemicals.

Enjoy a cleaner, safer pool by using products from Pool Covers, Inc. Our manual and automatic safety pool covers in Granite Bay help you save on water, heating, electricity, and pool chemicals, allowing you to enjoy more pool time.