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Automatic Pool Covers in Clovis Are Worth It!

Automatic Pool Covers in Clovis Are Worth It!

Having a backyard pool has its advantages and disadvantages. It offers fun, relaxation, and exercise in the privacy of your property. But it may cause other worries, especially if small children and pets are in your household. Automatic pool covers in Clovis could solve many of these worries.

Consider the pros of an automatic pool cover before you make a decision.

1. It keeps children and pets out – You may choose not to build a fence around the pool because an automatic pool cover is safe. Once an automatic pool cover securely shuts the pool, it makes entry by children, pets, or even grown adults impossible. This is especially important as drowning among small children has become the most significant risk in owning a backyard pool.
2. It saves water – An automatic pool cover prevents evaporation by up to 95%, maintaining much of your pool’s water. This benefit is essential to drier regions where water conservation is a concern.
3. It keeps your pool clean – An automatic pool cover keeps your water clean by preventing leaves, twigs, branches, dust, soot, and other debris from entering the pool. It will save you the time, money, and effort to clean, filter, and treat your pool water.
4. It saves chemicals – No need to shock your pool water now and then as an automatic pool cover retains much of the water’s chemical balance while keeping it clean and sanitized for a longer time.
5. It will heat your pool – An automatic pool cover is typically made of vinyl and works much better than a solar cover. When your pool is covered, it can add 10 to 15 degrees to the pool water’s temperature. If you use a heat pump, the automatic cover will help keep the energy costs down because it prevents heat from dissipating into the air, reducing evaporation.
6. It is convenient – In the age of advanced technologies, many things have become automated. Things that used to require manual work and effort now need just a button press. And this is probably the most significant selling point of automatic pool covers. By just operating a remote button or key switch, you can open and close your pool with minimal or no effort at all.
7. Despite the cost that goes into the installation and maintenance, automatic pool covers can get you a quick return on investment as you will enjoy significant savings on water, energy, and chemicals.

Let an automatic pool cover in Clovis help to save lives, water, and money.