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Pool Covers Clovis – Solid or Mesh – Which Is Best?

Pool Covers Clovis – Solid or Mesh – Which Is Best?

People nowadays have more choices than ever when it comes to buying pool covers in Clovis. They are available in every type, size, material, and budget. But no matter which type of pool cover they choose the most important thing is that they have made an excellent decision in buying a cover.

If you have an inground pool in your yard, you know that you need to install a pool cover. Pool covers provide more advantages than one might imagine. They protect swimming pools from dirt, debris, and evaporation, keeping your pool clean, intact, and in good condition. Safety pool covers, in particular, help keep pets, children, and non-swimmers out of swimming pools to prevent accidental drownings.

Apart from these advantages, pool covers also help you save energy. While pool covers prevent the pool water from evaporating, they also retain heat in the water, making it ideal for a night or early-morning swim.

Both solid and mesh safety covers have pretty much the same number of benefits. But which one of them is better for you? Consider these factors to help you make a more informed buying decision:

Mesh safety covers


  • They allow rainwater and melted snow to pass through into the pool. So, you don’t see any standing water on the surface of the cover, which would otherwise weigh put pressure on the fabric.
  • The material for the mesh safety cover is 4 lbs. Per 100 square feet, which makes the mesh covers more comfortable to install, remove, and store.
  • Since mesh covers never allow any standing water, there is no need to use a cover pump.
  • When you open the pool, the pool water should be mostly clean, with only fine particles on the pool floor.
  • Mesh covers typically last longer than solid covers, with an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years.


  • Some debris and particles enter the pool through the mesh fabric, which means more cleaning is needed in the springtime.
  • Mesh covers also allow sunlight into the pool, which means algae can grow in the pool.
  • Since mesh covers allow sunlight, they can also vaporize chlorine and other chemicals in the pool water.
  • Mesh covers are hard to put on and take off. Typically, these are used as “once a year covers” when winterizing a pool. These are not ideal for the homeowner who uses there pool several times a day/week.

Solid safety covers


  • Solid covers prevent outside elements – leaves, branches, dirt, dust, and other fine particles, keeping the water clean and intact.
  • It is much easier when the pool is opened in springtime. No cleaning is needed, so get down straight into the water!
  • These covers are easy to operate and can be used several times a day/week.
  • Solid pool covers to block out sunlight, which discourages algae growth.


  • Solid pool covers tend to collect rain and melted snow, resulting in standing water on the surface. You have to use an automatic pool cover pump to remove the water.
  • Solid pool covers are made of PVC-reinforced vinyl, making them a lot heavier than mesh covers. A little effort is required to install, remove, and store them.
  • They are typically more expensive compared to mesh covers.
  • They typically last 5-8 years, having a shorter lifespan than mesh covers. There are lots of safety pool covers out there, and lots of options where to buy yours and which company would you want to install them to your pool. It is up to you which type of pool cover you would choose! Narrow down your choices and choose Pool Covers Inc., who has been providing quality ASTM-certified manual and automatic safety pool covers in Clovis and nearby areas for over 30 years.

Using pool covers in Clovis, whether you choose a mesh or solid safety cover, has many benefits. And even though there is a cost involved, what you are really doing is providing peace of mind to you and your family, to know that your pool is safe for your loved ones.