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Automatic Pool Covers Stockton – Is the Cost Worth It?

Automatic Pool Covers Stockton – Is the Cost Worth It?

If you are thinking of installing an automatic pool cover on a Stockton pool know that an automatic pool cover will cost more than a manual safety cover however an automatic pool cover will save you money in the long run due to its long-term benefits. You should consider all of the benefits with this investment.

When an automatic pool cover closes the pool, it will prevent your swimming pool from evaporating. Many pool owners have realized that they are losing water because their pools are exposed all day (and even all night) long. By regularly using automatic pool covers, you can reduce water loss by up to 95%.

Since an automatic pool cover prevents the water from evaporating, it helps prevent the chemicals in the pool water from evaporating, too. Covering the pool also saves you from treating your pool with chemicals too frequently, reducing your chemical consumption by 35%-60%.

An automatic pool cover also keeps your swimming pool clean, thus saving you from a lot of unnecessary cleanup time. It protects your pool from leaves, dirt, dust, soot, and other debris. There is no better feeling than activating a switch or pressing a button and have your pool opened to show the clean, clear, and sparkling water that invites you, your friends, and family to get in. No dried leaves, branches, and any other debris to clean up – your pool is always ready for use.

Probably the number one benefit of an automatic pool cover is the protection that it provides. Especially if you own a swimming pool and have little children and pets running around the backyard, then barring your pool is necessary. You may build a fence around the pool or install an alarm near it, but there is no better security than covering your pool! When the cover closes the pool, it forms an “isolation barrier,” meaning all sides of the pool are tightly sealed to prevent children, pets, and non-swimmers from entering the pool. It gives you peace of mind when the pool remains safely covered until you will use it next time.

So, are automatic pool covers in Stockton worth the cost? When you factor in the incredible benefits, they offer, plus the fact that saving a life is indeed priceless, one might say that they are definitely worth the cost.