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Can I Really Stand on My Modesto Swimming Pool Covers and Why Is It Needed?

Can I Really Stand on My Modesto Swimming Pool Covers and Why Is It Needed?

Owning a pool can be a great experience, but it can be even better with a cover to help keep the pool clean and safe. Modesto swimming pool covers are the best when it comes to keeping your pool clean and preventing accidental drowning, especially in children and pets.

Pool covers are worth the investment: Here is why….

  • They prevent evaporation, conserving water by up to 95%.
  • They block leaves and other debris out from the pool, keeping the water clean and reducing cleaning time.
  • They maintain the water’s warm temperature – no need to turn on the water heater, thus leading to savings.
  • They maintain the chemicals that keep the pool clean, reducing chemical consumption by 30% to 50%.
  • They prevent accidental drowning, saving the lives of loved ones.
  • Convenience, if you use an automatic swimming pool cover.

When safety is your primary and the most important concern, buy a pool cover that is certified by the ASTM International. The standards for pool covers are labeled as ASTM F1346-91. Manufacturers must meet the following specific ASTM requirements so that their pool covers will be considered ASTM-certified:

  • The pool cover must be able to hold at least 485 lbs. – that’s the equivalent of the combined weight of two average adults and one child to permit a rescue operation.
  • The pool cover must pass a Perimeter Detection Test. Any openings in the pool cover should be too small for any objects to pass through, and that they are strong enough to resist any attempts by anyone to pass through.
  • The pool cover must pass the Surface Drainage Test. It must prove that it does not collect water on the cover surface.
  • The pool cover must have the proper labels, such as information and warning labels.

It’s also important to look at the pool cover’s warranty. A warranty is an indication that the pool cover manufacturer is confident in the quality of their product, which should be deemed free of any factory defects.

Look for a manufacturer that puts your family’s safety a priority by making sure that their Modesto swimming pool cover systems use the best-quality products and installation and have met the applicable ASTM safety standards.