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Automatic Pool Covers in Hillsborough Save Water When Not In Use

The demand for automatic pool covers in Hillsborough is steadily on the rise, especially among households who have larger pools or infinity pools.

In these times the supply of fresh, usable water goes down but our water bills continue to rise. This is bad news if you own a swimming pool in particular. An average-sized home with a swimming pool uses almost twice the water per year as does an equally average-sized home without one.

Much of the water is lost from splashing, overfilling, and getting in and out of the pool. However, evaporation is the major reason for the loss of pool water especially when it’s not in use. An uncovered swimming pool will lose as much as 30% of water each day particularly during the hot months. For example, a 16×36 swimming pool that’s uncovered can lose water by as much as 180 gallons of it per week due to evaporation alone. That’s a lot of wasted precious water!

To prevent your pool from continually drying up, the best solution is to install a pool cover. There are two kinds of pool covers: the manual and the automatic. A manual pool cover is the more affordable between the two and ideal for small to mid-size swimming pools. As it is called, someone manually places the pool cover over the pool when it’s not in use.

An automatic pool cover is similar to a manual pool cover when it comes to the job of preventing your pool water from evaporating. The difference is that an automatic pool cover does the job of covering (as well as opening) your swimming pool by touchpad or key switch. Automatic covers are ideal for larger pools and infinity pools. Although more expensive than manual covers, automatic pool covers offer more convenience in protecting and conserving your pool water.

An automatic cover acts as a barrier between the surface of the pool water and the outside elements such as the heat that causes evaporation. By using an automatic pool cover, you can save as much as 90% to 95% of your pool’s water. Plus, it will keep your pool clean and will also protect people and pets from accidental drowning. An automatic pool cover also saves the amount of chemicals that are used to sanitize your swimming pool.

Pool Covers, Inc. offers a variety of automatic pool covers. It’s Infinity 4000™ Swimming Pool Cover System is designed for both newly constructed and existing pools. The Infinity 4000™ is easy to operate and maintain. It also blends well with the environment because of its range of different installation options, solutions and colors. Infinity 4000™ also maintains its reputation of efficiency. No wonder consumers consider the Infinity 4000™ as the best automatic swimming pool cover on the market today.

Automatic pool covers in Hillsborough can do wonders for your pool. This includes saving the water you need for your swimming pleasure.