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30 Years Experience in Making Pool CoversReview of Pool Covers, Inc.

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Many residential owners, as well as some resorts and business establishments, need a more efficient means of keeping their swimming pools in good condition. While many pool owners still use a manual pool cover, some are thinking of switching to Read more…

A lot of homeowners have swimming pools in their own backyard; having a swimming pool cover in Hillsborough is one of the best investments they could ever make. This is especially true if you still have children around the household. A swimming Read more…

The demand for automatic pool covers in Hillsborough is steadily on the rise, especially among households who have larger pools or infinity pools. In these times the supply of fresh, usable water goes down but our water bills continue to rise. This Read more…

If you have a swimming pool, do you know the reasons for using swimming pool covers in Hillsborough? There are many reasons for using a swimming pool cover. They will be discussed below. The first reason for using a swimming pool cover Read more…