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Swimming Pool Covers in Lafayette – Why Are They Popular

Swimming pool covers in Lafayette have been surging in demand especially in the last few years. The reason for this is that more residents are having their own backyard pools installed. The following are some reasons why swimming pool covers are so popular.

1. Safety
One of the main reasons why pool covers are so popular in Lafayette is its guarantee of safety. Good quality pool covers such as those from Pool Covers, Inc., secure the pool on all sides and will completely cover your swimming pool. In this way, curious children, even pets, will have no access to the water. They won’t even be able to peek underneath the cover. When your pool is secured with a cover when not in use, not only do you isolate the water underneath it, but most of all you also minimize the risk of anyone drowning in an uncovered pool.

2. Savings on water, money, and energy
Whether your pool is outdoor or indoor (particularly if it’s heated), it is best not to leave it uncovered. This is true especially during the hot months because the chance of losing water from the swimming pool due to evaporation is high. Do you know that evaporation could lead to water loss by up to 26,000 gallons a year! Using a good quality pool cover will help you minimize the effects of evaporation by saving up to 23,400 gallons (or losing only about 2,600 gallons a year).

Pool covers act as a barrier between the water and the sunlight and wind, elements that cause evaporation. You also save money by not having to refill the lost water from the pool – whether you fill the pool yourself or call the water company to replenish some of the lost water.

While pool covers trap the evaporation, it will also trap the heat, therefore keeping the water warmer. If you plan to go night swimming, why turn on the water heater? A pool cover is enough to keep the water warm and will save you from paying heater bills.

3. Keeping the water clean
A pool cover will prevent dust, dirt, falling leaves, branches, and any other things from getting into the pool.

4. Convenience
With the pool covered, water maintenance is a breeze. You don’t have to fish fallen leaves and branches out of the water. When you use an automatic safety pool cover, just turn on the switch and the cover will roll out to cover the pool and roll up when the pool’s ready for swimming!

And because Lafayette and the rest of California have been hit by drought in recent years, there’s more urgency than ever to cover swimming pools when not in use. So if you want to comply with the government’s campaign to conserve water, installing swimming pool covers in Lafayette is an excellent place to start.