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Spa Covers – Why You Want an Aluminum Spa Cover for Safety

Aluminum Spa Covers are the premium choice for safety when you need a cover for your hot tub or spa. Why do you want an aluminum spa cover rather than one of the other types of spa covers available? Aren’t they more expensive than most other options?

To begin with, yes the aluminum spa covers are more expensive than other options. The materials to make this type of cover are more expensive so it makes sense that the completed cover will also cost more.

The covers are made from a combination of a foam core sandwiched between two layers of aluminum. The top aluminum surface may be finished with baked-on enamel and can normally be found in at least twelve different colors. These colors are expected to coordinate with most spas available on the market and with colors you would use in your backyard. Both surfaces of the aluminum are embossed to help them maintain a great, quality look and hide scratches for years to come.

The edges along the outside are made from anodized aluminum. This adds long-lasting beauty and helps the cover spa like a refrigerator as long as the spa is level. In fact, the insulation value for the spa cover, when seated properly and the rubber gasket around the edge has created a positive seal, is rated at R14.

One of the main benefits of using the aluminum spa cover on the spa is that you can expect it to keep children out of the spa. As an added benefit, you can also expect it to keep pests out. You won’t see bugs and you won’t see rodents in your spa. They also will not collapse under the weight of snowfall but will remain intact instead of failing in the center.

Another benefit is that you won’t have to deal with odor or mildew because the cover will not soak up water. The aluminum spa cover will also last much longer than vinyl covers.

So the things you want to consider when looking for an aluminum spa cover include:

  • Will it keep your children, pets and adults out of the spa should they fall on it or walk on it if you have an in-ground spa? The spa covers available through Pool Covers, Inc. have been field tested for 25 years, so you can depend on them to remain intact should someone fall or walk on them.
  • Will it keep your water insulated and the temperature as hot as you like it?
  • Will the spa cover keep leaves, pests, dirt and snow out of your spa?
  • Does your spa cover come with tie downs or a safety clasp and key tool to keep them closed? Which you choose will depend upon whether or not you have children.

If you want a ‘yes’ to the answers above, you’ll want to get an aluminum spa cover. They are by-far the safest covers available. They may cost a bit more than other types of spa covers, but they are worth the extra cost.