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Pool Covers Modesto – What Is the Best Style of Cover for You?

Pool Covers Modesto – What Is the Best Style of Cover for You?

Pool covers in Modesto have been around for a long time – making your pool water clean, warm, and safe from evaporation. Safety pool covers, in particular, provide the additional benefit of preventing kids and pets from drowning.

Pool covers come in different types, colors, and styles that can fit your swimming pool’s dimensions and look good in your pool surroundings. Covers are custom made per pool but also per each homeowner’s needs.

What is the best pool cover type and style for you? Here are some of the popular choices:

1) Solar covers

If you’re more interested in heating up your swimming pool for the next pool party night, then a solar pool cover is the way to go. It consists of several bubbles that trap the heat from the sun and transfer it to the pool water to make it warm. It’s like giant bubble wrap.

With solar covers, there’s no need to turn on the water heater, which translates to significant energy savings. They are also easy to apply and remove, since they float on the surface of the water and do not need anything to secure them to the pool deck.

Solar covers do a mostly good job in blocking out visible debris such as fallen leaves and twigs, but they may not protect your pool from dust and soot.

Since solar pool covers just float on the water, they are not designed to be a safety cover, and your swimming pool becomes a danger zone especially to children and pets if you don’t keep an eye on them.

2) Winter covers

Standard winter covers are tarp covers typically made of polyethylene material. When the summer comes to an end and the weather a bit too mild to swim outside, people use winter covers to close their pools for the colder months.

Winter covers do a fairly good job in protecting the pool from evaporation and keeping out leaves and twigs, as well as dust, soot, and other small debris.

However, winter covers require water bags to hold them down, since they are not quite securely installed to the pool. Because of this, the water can get too heavy on top, which may cause the cover to collapse. Therefore, they hold little weight and are not designed as safety pool covers.

3) Safety pool covers

If security and protecting your loved ones interest you, safety pool covers are the way to go. They are made either of woven mesh or solid vinyl fabric that secures to your pool deck in a variety of ways. They lock down and restrict unwanted access to your pool.

The primary benefit of safety pool covers is protection from accidental drownings. They can keep children, pets, wildlife, and non-swimmers from entering the pool. In addition, safety pool covers keep the water clean and protect your pool from water evaporation. While they do a fairly good job of regulating your pool water’s temperature, safety pool covers are not as good as solar pool covers in keeping the water significantly warm.

That said, the pros easily outweigh the cons. If you choose an automatic safety pool cover, it provides the additional benefits of convenience. Just turn the key and the cover rolls and unrolls. All safety pool covers require professional installation. This ensures your cover is installed correctly and will function as a safety barrier.

Every pool owner has his or her own requirements and preferences for swimming pool covers in Modesto. Make sure that a specific type and style of pool cover you choose will cater to your needs and your budget.