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How to Conserve Water with Automatic Pool Covers in Fresno

Water is essential to our lives but we take it for granted until the time comes when we realize that there’s a water shortage and we have no alternative but to conserve it.

Don’t be afraid to put in a swimming pool. If you already have a swimming pool there are ways to help conserve water. Evaporation is the biggest cause of pool water loss. That’s why there’s a need for automatic pool covers in Fresno to prevent this problem.

When your swimming pool is not covered throughout the day, the water will dissipate into a vapor in the air. It will cause the water levels to go lower. This may happen during any time of the day, even in the evening. But the hot, humid summer season will even speed up the evaporation process and it may cause the quicker depletion of the pool water.

But just like many pool covers from other manufacturers, Pool Covers, Inc.’s automatic pool covers help in reducing water evaporation. An automatic pool cover helps in slowing down evaporation by up to 95%! How does it work? An automatic pool cover serves as a barrier which prevents the vapor and then turns it into moisture which will drip into the pool water, and this helps in replenishing the pool. While it blocks the vapor, the automatic pool cover also retains heat, helping to keep your pool water nice and warm — perfect for night and early morning swimming!

Another benefit to having an automatic pool cover is convenience — no need to manually take off and place back the pool cover. Just turn the key and the pool cover will automatically open or close.

When you plan on conserving pool water, settle for no less than Pool Covers, Inc. for your automatic pool covers in Fresno needs. Not only are you able to save water, you will also get to enjoy a big return on your investment.