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Fixing or Replacing Pool Covers in Santa Rosa – Which Is Best?

The long winter, or hazardous weather, has left a mark on your pool cover. Strong winds have thrown down sharp branches onto the pool cover, piercing it. So, what do you do when your pool covers in Santa Rosa are in that similar situation? Will you have it repaired or have it replaced?

The answer might sound simple: it depends on the extent of the damage. If the rip or tear of the pool cover is under six inches, then you can manage fairly easily it by mending or patching it. But if the pool cover that has an extensive rip, a repair may not be possible. You may have no choice but to have it replaced.

Other factors can come into play when you are thinking about repairing or replacing your safety pool cover.

Overall cover appearance

If your pool cover doesn’t show any signs of deterioration such as brittleness, leaking, tearing on the sides, then you might want to consider having it repaired if the damage can be repaired. The cost to repair your cover will be less than replacing the cover.

Materials used for the repair

Most solid covers are durable, so the whole will rarely get bigger than a mere punctured hole. Mesh covers are also extremely durable. If a mesh cover is pierced it will not tear apart or fray right away. You can buy mesh cover patch kits that are available on the market. If you have a vinyl safety cover you can contact your pool cover professional and purchase a repair kit from them if you are repairing your cover yourself.

The way it is repaired

To make sure that the repair goes smoothly and the pool cover will function again as it did in the first place, a proper repair is required. Make sure to clean and dry the damaged area first before patching it. Have a cut patch (either round or oval, depending on the type of damage) ready and glue it over the torn area.

If the tear is too big that a mere repair won’t do it, it’s best to have it replaced instead with a new fabric. Pool Covers, Inc. even offers a number of cool color options for a cover fabric replacement that will suit the environment surrounding your swimming pool.

Pool covers in Santa Rosa, even the best quality ones, will eventually get damaged over time, but their useful life can be extended by regular care and maintenance.