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Automatic Pool Covers in Stockton – Is Hydraulic or Electric Better?

Automatic Pool Covers in Stockton – Is Hydraulic or Electric Better?

Most people desire the good things in life. For backyard pool owners, they want cleanliness, security, and convenience. Automatic pool covers in Stockton can give all of these benefits.

Automatic pool covers keep the water clean from debris, dust, and soot. You will always come home to a sparkling clean pool when you open it.

Automatic pool covers also keep the water in as it prevents evaporation, which would otherwise lead to eventual water loss. While it locks in the vapors, it also locks in and maintains the heat, keeping the water warm that’s good for an evening or early morning dip. You may not even need to use a pool heater, leading to considerable energy savings!

If you’re concerned about security, especially if you have small children, pets, or non-swimmers in the family, you may need to invest in a quality safety automatic cover. Make sure that the product has passed the following ASTM safety standards to certify that it is indeed a safety pool cover:

  • The cover must be able to hold at least 485 lbs., which is about equivalent to one child and two average adults to permit a rescue operation.
  • The cover must pass the Perimeter Deflection Test, where manufacturers should prove that any openings on the cover are sufficiently small enough not to permit any object to pass through strong enough to resist any efforts to pass through.
  • The cover must pass the Surface Drainage Test, where excess water should not collect on the cover’s surface, either by using a semi-permeable material or a design feature that allows the water to run off the cover.
  • The cover must have proper labels, manufacturer warranties, and ASTM standard warnings.

Now that you have determined what you want for an automatic pool cover, it’s time to move on to more specific details so that you will know exactly which type of automatic pool cover you want to purchase or install. There are two options; an electric automatic pool cover or a hydraulic automatic pool cover. Both types of automatic pool covers offer the same benefits, they just operate in unique ways.

If you own a bigger pool, the hydraulic pool cover option is the ideal choice.

So, which of these two types of automatic pool covers in Stockton are better? Electric or hydraulic? It depends – the decision is yours. But to make a sounder decision, let professional pool cover manufacturers provide expert advice to help you choose which of these automatic pool covers will suit best your requirements, preferences, and budget.