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Are Automatic Pool Covers in Modesto Considered to Be Green?

Are Automatic Pool Covers in Modesto Considered to Be Green?

The interest and passion of consumers for the environment have grown steadily. Responding to that trend, even automatic pool covers in Modesto manufacturers promote their products as “green.”

Using a more eco-friendly approach to swimming pool care has quickly grown in popularity, especially among environmentally conscious pool owners.

Many homeowners opt for natural swimming pools or eco-friendly pools for their backyards. These pools are 100% chemical-free and use nature to filter out dirt, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms. Instead of standard filtration systems in most swimming pools, natural pools have a built-in natural ecosystem consisting of low-maintenance plants.

However, owning natural swimming pools can cost a lot and take time, space, and materials to build.

Building a new natural pool is unnecessary when you can make your current pool eco-friendly. How about investing in automatic pool covers?

Again, automatic pool cover manufacturers emphasize their products as eco-friendly by highlighting the benefits of automatic pool covers to the environment, such as:

  1. They protect your pool from dirt and debris.
  2. They act as barriers to reducing water evaporation by 95%.
  3. Since automatic pool covers help reduce evaporation, they keep more water in; thus, you don’t need to add more water or chemicals to restore their levels.
  4. Automatic pool covers retain heat, reducing or eliminating the need for water heater use. It will result in more energy savings and fewer CO2 emissions.

The idea of automatic pool covers being “green” is starting to catch on with consumers, thanks mainly to newer marketing strategies that emphasize the products’ ability to save the consumers money down the road and save precious resources (primarily water and energy) in the process.

Automatic pool covers also impact the usage of chlorine and other pool sanitizing chemicals—the manufacturing process of chlorine results in mercury emissions, which contribute to ozone pollution.

When you have an automatic cover installed in your swimming pool, you can save on how many chemicals you use in your pool.

By keeping your pool covered when not in use, there is less risk of algae forming in your swimming pool. This means you don’t have to use shock treatments or other chemicals to prevent algae growth in the pool.

Again, automatic pool covers act as barriers to reduce water evaporation by 95%. The lower evaporation rate will release fewer chemical fumes into the air, which could otherwise harm the environment.

Becoming more conscious of the environment doesn’t mean sacrificing enjoyment or relaxation in your swimming pool. Taking specific measures, such as installing automatic pool covers in Modesto, allows you to enjoy your swimming pool even more while making the world better.