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Troubleshooting Guide for Automatic Pool Covers in Sacramento & Bay Areas

Swimming is a pleasure year-round in Sacramento and the Bay area thanks to salubrious weather conditions throughout the year. With cutting edge technical advancement in pool cover manufacturing, an automatic pool cover allows you to rest easy that your pool is protected and covered. But how trouble-free are the automatic pool covers?

Automatic pool cover complications

Some owners after installation of button-operated automatic pool covers complain that pool covers do not move smoothly, both ends do not move in tandem or cover material gets snagged. These are all easily fixed you just need to know to call your pool cover company. You want to have these items fixed before they turn into an even bigger problem.

No extension happening

One trouble is that nothing happens when you push the button. The reasons could be:

  • One of circuit breakers tripped
  • Motor in need of service
  • Water on cover making it heavier
  • Cover stuck to deck surface
  • Water in the tube where cover gets rolled

Reset any circuit breaker if tripped. Get rid of water from top of the cover by pumping or sweeping it out. A rubber mat on deck surface will impede the cover sticking to deck surface. Call service mechanic for periodic service needed for smooth running of motor.

Uneven extension of pool covers

Both ends of automatic pool covers do not extend evenly, uniformly or in tandem and that each end is pulled with a different drag. Reasons could be

  • Unequal rope lengths on rope reel
  • Extra rope around one end of the reel
  • Not sufficiently tight ropes
  • Loose rope reel brakes

Redoing the rope reel with equal lengths of extra ropes around the reels will solve rope issues. Tightening the brakes on the rope reel to the correct tension will help cover roll out smoothly with the same force and power and with ends symmetrically and evenly opening out. These are repairs best left to your pool cover technician.

Cover mechanism not smooth

Next issue may be automatic pool covers do not extend or reverse back over pool evenly and smoothly. Reasons may be:

  • Some resistance/friction during operation
  • Cover stuck to deck
  • Debris get stuck in the working parts
  • Too tough brakes
  • Cover snagged over some sharp end

Cleaning and oiling all the moving parts will make for easy rolling. Cleaning up the debris is essential. Keeping the break at right tension is essential for smooth working. Check cover is snag-free.


From hand crank models to fully electronic, key-operated systems, today’s automatic pool covers have come a long way and are reliable, durable, and safer & smarter. Today keeping a pool covered when not in use is as easy as child’s play with well-maintained and well-serviced automatic pool covers in Sacramento, San Jose areas.