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30 Years Experience in Making Pool CoversReview of Pool Covers, Inc.

Swimming Pool Covers – First Step in Making Your Swimming Pools Safe

Swimming pools in your home are star attractions during summer months. Adults and children love to spend time in water or poolside. But swimming pools also pose a deadly threat to unattended children and straying pets that face the risk of drowning. How to make your pools safe? Easy, cover the pool with swimming pool covers!

Top investment for your home

High-quality swimming pool covers can be the first and finest investment you can make once you have a home swimming pool. A Pool cover is an accessory to keep the pool clean and adding to the outdoor ambiance as well as prevent drowning accidents. Pool covers provide a lot more benefits along with keeping the pool safe for children and pets alike.

Obligations of responsible pool owners

All responsible domestic swimming pool owners must use covers that meet American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) specifications to cover the pool whether or not you have young children or pets. These safety swimming pool covers must put up with the weight of two adults at least. Safety covers greatly reduce the danger of drowning accidents immediately.

How high-quality covers provide protection

Well-assembled swimming pool covers will:

  • Provide complete water surface coverage
  • Tight-fitting, not sagging
  • Anchored sturdily, strongly and easily
  • Made of fabric strong enough to support weight of two-three adults
  • Durable, rugged
  • Able to put up with wear and tear well
  • Lockable or securable with straps that cannot be opened by young children
  • Come with warranty

Other measures to make swimming pool safe
There are other safety precautions that need consideration along with sturdy swimming pool covers like:

  • Pool fencing barring access from any part of house
  • Provide alarms near gates and underwater
  • Gates, fences all latched, locked, tall enough and not climbable
  • Never allow children or pets without adult supervision near pool
  • Provide adequate lighting
  • Always cover with safety pool covers when not in use.

Various covers – various ways – single aim of providing protection
Pool Covers, Inc. offers a variety of swimming pool covers like:

  • Automatic Pool Covers
  • Automatic Top Track covers
  • Track Manual swimming pool cover
  • Manual Fastener cover
  • Recessed under-track swimming pool covers
  • Pool in a Pool designs
  • Walk On Tray Lids
  • Metal Walk On Lids

They are ready with advice to make your swimming pool area a child-resistant safety zone with Child Guard Safety Pool Fence. You can check at and learn more about swimming pool covers & safety measures.