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30 Years Experience in Making Pool CoversReview of Pool Covers, Inc.

Make Your Swimming Pool Safe with Pool Covers

“…A toddler drowned in a backyard pool in a Sacramento suburb” (April, 2011/ Sacramento Bee.) Instead of being a center of fun and enjoyment, many times, an open pool can become a death trap. This is exactly why you need a pool cover for your swimming pool. Sturdy, well-crafted pool covers prevent such accidents happening in your home. Quality pool covers make swimming pools very safe and bring along a host of other benefits as well.

Essential pool accessory

Today swimming pools have gained great popularity and most homes in Bay Area enjoy having a pool which adds greatly to the ambience. And as a pool owner, you are expected to pay attention to safety issues and take ‘reasonable precautions’ or face legal liabilities. A pool cover is the first and most essential swimming pool accessory you need to invest in. Safety pool covers prevent children or pets from drowning.

Assured safety from pool covers

An uncovered pool seems an attractive target for young children and pets to wander unsupervised and meet with a tragic and mostly, fatal end. Sacramento county rules hold you responsible for implementing safety precautions like installing effective barriers such as fences, pool covers and pool alarms to prevent approach or entry by young children/pets into the pool without supervision. A safety pool cover provides protection and prevents accidental drownings.

Other benefits from safety pool covers

There are other added advantages of good-quality pool covers like keeping the bugs and insects falling into the pool along with debris, dirt and dust falling in and choking the filter. High-quality safety pool covers also reduce evaporation and conserve water, lower your chemical costs, keep the water warmer for longer hours & reduce your power consumption. These covers also keep the pools cleaner – making maintenance easier for you and reduce build-up of algae and bacteria.

Buying quality pool covers

When you are thinking about purchasing pool covers, you need to take into consideration the type of your pool – above ground or below ground, what kind of cover you want and what is your budget. A well-constructed pool cover will completely cover your pool; be easy for anchoring, strong and sturdy to bear the weight of several adults; & be easy to use, with child proof locks; be durable and look good. Check for warranty and service offers that many Sacramento pool covers manufacturers may offer.

Pool covers assure peace of mind

Pool covers assure safe, accident-free, clean and functional pools year-round, with low maintenance needs, low power and other maintenance charges. Pool covers really make our pools a safe, danger-free zone, and a pleasure to enjoy throughout the year.