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Make Your Swimming Pool Safe with Pool Covers

Make Your Swimming Pool Safe with Pool Covers

Whether you own an inground or aboveground swimming pool, you need a few essential safety measures to minimize the risk of drowning, especially if you have children or pets. 

Swimming pools may be a center of fun and enjoyment, but an open pool can become a death trap. This is exactly why you need to install safety devices such as a pool fence, pool alarm, or pool cover for your swimming pool.

But of all three options, it is best to go with a pool cover. Sturdy and well-crafted pool covers prevent such accidents that can happen in your home. Quality swimming pool covers make your watery oasis safe and bring a host of other benefits as well.

Pool covers as an essential pool accessory

Nowadays, backyard swimming pools have gained great popularity. Most homes in the Bay Area enjoy having a pool that contributes significantly to the ambiance, not to mention a significant increase in property value. Any residential property with a backyard pool is attractive to

While having a swimming pool is fun, it also means responsibility. As a pool owner, you are expected to pay attention to safety issues and take “reasonable precautions.” Else, you’ll face legal liabilities. A quality safety pool cover is the first and essential swimming pool accessory you must invest in. Safety pool covers keep children and pets out of the pool, thus preventing drowning and other accidents.

Assured safety from pool covers

An uncovered pool is an easy and attractive target for young children and pets to wander unsupervised and meet with a tragic and often fatal end. What’s more tragic is that these accidents can be easily preventable by installing effective barriers on and around the pool.

Local rules and ordinances hold you responsible for implementing pool security precautions, such as installing barriers like fences, alarms, and pool covers. A safety pool cover alone provides optimum protection by preventing accidental drownings.

Other benefits from safety pool covers

Make Your Swimming Pool Safe with Pool Covers

Besides the security factor, there are other advantages of using good-quality safety pool covers, such as:

  • Keep leaves, twigs, dust, bugs, insects, and other debris out of the pool, preventing them from choking the filter.
  • Reducing evaporation, thus conserving water by reducing the need for make-up water by 30% to 50%.
  • Reducing the pool’s chemical consumption by 35% to 60%.
  • Keeping the water warmer for longer hours and reducing your energy consumption.
  • A cleaner pool makes maintenance a lot easier.
  • A solid safety pool cover keeps out sunlight, which is vital for algae growth.

Buying pool covers

When you are thinking about buying a pool cover, you have to consider your needs and budget. Do you have young children and pets in your household? If that’s the case, a safety pool cover should be for you. Make sure that a pool cover meets the ASTM standards to be considered a safety pool cover.

Otherwise, you can choose any type of cover depending on how (and how often) you use your pool. If you like to keep your pool warm but are concerned about the heating bills, you can opt for a solid pool cover or, much better yet, a solar pool cover. If you don’t use your pool too often, a manual safety pool cover prevents debris and sunlight from entering your pool, keeping the water sparkling clean and ready to use anytime.

Whatever type of pool cover you prefer, make sure that it is well-constructed, easy for anchoring, strong and sturdy to bear the weight of several children, pets, and adults, and easy to use with child-proof locks. Of course, it should also look good and blend well with your backyard pool environment instead of becoming an eyesore to it. Fortunately, Pool Covers, Inc. offers plenty of fabric and webbing color options to match your pool surroundings. Do you have a particular favorite color for your cover? We can do custom colors as well.

Pool covers give you peace of mind

Peace of mind begins when you know that your pool cover is strong, reliable, and of good quality. A pool cover assures a clean, safe, and functional pool year-round, with low maintenance requirements and charges. Pool covers really make our backyard watery paradise a safe, danger-free zone and a place to relax and enjoy throughout the year.