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Save Money and Water with Swimming Pool Covers in Atherton

Owning a backyard pool means you don’t have to go out to a beach resort or a water park to enjoy pool time as much as you want, it also means the responsibility of taking care of it. That’s why swimming pool covers in Atherton are necessary in your pool water-saving measures.

If you think that a pool cover is not needed and is a mere accessory, you are quite mistaken! In fact, you may need it more than you think what it will do for your swimming pool. It gives you lots of benefits other than the obvious, that is, keeping your pool clean.

A pool cover saves you water

Evaporation is the number one cause of pool water loss. Although the presence of the sun’s heat is mostly blamed for evaporation, wind can cause evaporation as well. Its rate increases even more so under the combination of dry and windy conditions. You could lose thousands of gallons in a year simply because your pool isn’t covered. In California, whose weather is mostly warm, pools as well as natural bodies of water have been estimated to shrink by up to 80% due to evaporation. Not to mention that California has experienced many droughts throughout its history. An uncovered pool will lead to significant water loss by 30,000 to 50,000 gallons per year!

That’s why for every pool owner in California, purchasing a pool cover is a highly recommended measure to combat the effects of water evaporation. A pool cover virtually eliminates evaporation if it’s kept on the pool that’s not in use. A pool cover can help in reducing evaporation by as much as 95%! A pool cover traps the heat and the vapor from drifting into the atmosphere.

A pool cover saves you money

Just covering your pool (when it’s not in use) can save you as much as 85% on your heating, electrical, gas, and chemical bills. If you’ve got a pool cover, that’s the fastest and the most effective way to save money.

It’s a myth that a pool cover is too expensive and considered a luxury rather than a necessity. Yes, it may cost you a bit at the outset. However, just think of the water savings, and they alone can cover the pool cover’s cost.

Using a pool cover is guaranteed to slice your expenses on maintaining your swimming by nearly half. With a pool cover, you don’t need to run your pool water heater as often, you won’t need to refill for low water levels as often and chemicals will not evaporate as quickly, therefore leading to impressive savings.

With a pool that’s covered when not in use, it leaves the water clean. Thus, saving you time cleaning/skimming your pool water before a swim. While you still need to use chemicals to properly clean your pool and to keep your pool water chemistry at the correct levels, a cover will help eliminate the evaporation of these chemicals.

Big investment – big savings!

If you are going to invest on an automatic pool cover system – such as Pool Covers Inc.’s electric and hydraulic Infinity 4000 (TM) automatic pool cover systems – it pays for itself in about two to three years, literally! It means that the money that you save from using it will pay for itself for the entire pool cover system. Swimming pool covers in Atherton not only help you save water, energy, and lives, but they also help you in putting money back in your pocket as well.