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Winter Water Drought – Pool Covers in San Anselmo Can Help Save Water

Did you know pool covers in San Anselmo can help save water? California has been experiencing one of the most severe droughts on record – and unfortunately, it may not end very soon. Because of this, homeowners and businesses are encouraged to find ways to conserve water to make sure that they will able to cope with this unprecedented drought. One of the ways to do this to install pool covers at your San Anselmo pool to help conserve water – not only during the summer but in all seasons in California.

In the past three years California has been suffering their driest spell ever. And because the drought has been going on for so long, residents are now hoping that the coming seasons will mean huge storms that will finally replenish parched rivers, near-empty lakes, and depleted reservoirs that supply water to the population.

However, weather forecasts seem to offer little hope that even winter will not likely put an end to the state’s dry spell. Most people understand winter means rain, but since California has been suffering three straight dry years, it has still a long way to go to recover from its current water crisis. So even in the winter season, conversation efforts are still necessary to make sure that California is able to cope with the unprecedented dry spell.

One potential place to have your water supply wasted is your backyard swimming pool. Aside from the water dripping when you come out of the pool, there’s evaporation which is obviously the major culprit of California’s depleted water supply. California is one of the states in the Southwest region where you can find the bulk of the nation’s pools. Despite the state governor’s declaration of drought, the number of backyard swimming pools in California has continued to grow steadily and this further fuels the problem.

With the weather forecast giving a not-so-promising prediction in the winter months, drought will be likely to persist. You might as well continue your water conservation efforts or start doing it now if you haven’t done it yet. If you have a backyard pool and still worry about how to save your precious water from the winter drought, one of the most feasible ways to do it is to install pool covers in San Anselmo when the pool is not in use.

Pool covers are a simple yet effective way to save water during the driest months. As far as water is concerned, a covered pool can reduce evaporation by 90 to 95 percent. A covered pool can save you an equivalent of 7000 gallons of water per year. By saving water, you will also be able to save energy from heating costs, and money from refilling your pool with a fresh supply of water.

For your swimming pool cover needs, we at Pool Covers, Inc. are here to serve your needs. We offer different kinds of swimming pool covers that will meet your pool water conservation plans. Our manual pool covers are strong and secure, and come in two types: the manual fastener (which are feasible for pools of various sizes and even of extreme shapes) and the track manual (which works like the automatic pool cover except for the motor. It can also be upgraded to an automatic pool cover). But if you have some extra to spare, check out our Infinity 4000™ automatic pool covers. The state-of-the-art, high-tech pool covers will not only provide you with convenience and security, but will also help conserve water especially in times of drought, even in Californian.

When you decide to install pool covers in San Anselmo, choose Pool Covers, Inc. We are committed not only to providing high-quality and reliable swimming pool and spa covers, but are also committed to help you in your job of conserving pool water in times of drought.