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Safety Pool Covers in San Mateo: Solid or Mesh?

Customers often wonder what type of safety pool covers in San Mateo they should use for their swimming pools. Sometimes, they seek out professional advice in hopes of buying the right kind of safety pool cover. Do they need a solid pool cover or a mesh pool cover? Obviously, there is a huge difference between the two.

To begin the search for your ideal pool cover, first ask yourself with these questions: Why am I buying a pool cover? Does one type of pool cover meet those needs better than the other?

If your primary concern is ease of use, then you should choose a solid vinyl pool cover. The mesh pool covers are sold with the intention of locking the cover in place and leaving it for prolonged periods of time. The locking mechanisms are hard to use and are sold mostly in areas where there is a need to winterize your pool. These covers are sold during the winter months to be left on the pool and not removed for months at a time. If you are going to be swimming and taking your pool cover on and off the pool many times per week then you definitely want to stay away from a mesh pool cover.

A solid pool cover is also excellent for blocking all sorts of outside problems — rain, snow, dirt, and any kinds of debris. Leaves, limbs, toys, even people, will not easily go through a solid cover. They will block out everything and will ensure your pool is clean and the pool water is clear by the time you open the pool in the spring. The solid vinyl pool covers eliminate evaporation of water, heat, and chemicals. The vinyl covers are not only easier to use, they are safe and will help keep your pool heated, clean, and ready to swim.

If you’ve decided to get a solid safety pool cover, choose the best place to purchase high-quality, durable, and long-lasting manual and automatic solid covers such as Pool Covers, Inc.

So which one is a better type of safety pool cover – solid or mesh? There’s no right answer for this as each pool owner will want to answer that question. The area in which you live, and your personal preferences, will be the deciding factor in buying the right safety pool covers in San Mateo.