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How Safety Pool Covers In Woodside Can Help You Save Water

Safety pool covers in Woodside are a must-have feature for every residential and commercial properties in the area. The state of California, in particular, has been enduring a water crisis during the warm and arid season. Despite this, residents still insist on enjoying or building new backyard pools.

To date, there are about two million swimming pools in California. Thanks to the state’s recovering economy, the number of swimming pools is expected to rise. Unfortunately, California is one of the states that’s experiencing extreme drought. The governor has made an appeal to conserve water by cutting it back by as much as 20%.

This piece of news doesn’t have to spoil the fun at the pool. But at least this appeal, along with the searing hot season, will drive you to conserve precious water in your pool to allow for longer swimming enjoyment.

Owning a pool gives you pleasure and enjoyment as well as added value to your property. But at the same time, having a pool means more responsibility in taking care of and maintaining it. To prevent your pool from continuously drying up, safety pool covers in Woodside are a must item for your summer season list.

Evaporation is the process where a liquid turns into a vapor. This is what happens when your pool is not covered. With the water reduced in your pool you will not be able to enjoy swimming for very long.

Using Pool Covers Inc.’s quality safety pool covers will help stop evaporation by up to 90% to 95%. In the process, you will save up to about 700,000 gallons of water. When your pool is covered during the searing hot daytime, the water will definitely lose less to evaporation. By that way, you save a lot of water and won’t need to replace your depleted pool again with fresh water. This will save a lot of money and avoid inconvenience.

A cover will keep your pool water clean for a much longer period of time. This means you won’t need to clean it as often as well as flushing the dirty or contaminated water out of the pool.

Another benefit of safety pool covers in Woodside is their ability to heat the pool. As much as pool covers slow down evaporation, it also collects the heat from the sun and in turn transfers the solar heat to the pool. The heated water is quite ideal for night swimming. You can have your own heating system in your own pool, without the onerous water heating bills.

More pool owners are turning to covers as a means of conserving, as well as heating water, in your pool.

When you need to install safety pool covers, Pool Covers, Inc. is a perfect choice. The company offers both manual pool covers and state-of-the-art automatic pool covers. They also offer safety covers for your outdoor spa as well. Their pool/spa covers and blankets are made of high-grade material. Not only that, expect the best from the company’s service installation. Pool Covers, Inc. ensures pool owners a cleaner and safer pool environment, and at the same time it delivers its goal of conserving precious pool water when using a safety pool cover in Woodside.